Work in Phd. Phd into work.

I think I had thought about this Phd topic before I started working with The Advocacy Initiative, after all funding is an issue that is very hard to get away from, but I did intend it to be as complementary as possible.

That said, I don't really think there has been as much 'feeding in and feeding out' as I initially would have anticipated.  I think the Phd reading is beneficial to work (more so now than the first chapter), and maybe when it comes to field work I will be relieved to have The Advocacy Initiative stuff to draw on.  But so far I don't think the Phd is getting that much from the day job.  And if I am honest, the day job does at times undermine the Phd when it comes to time management.  It rarely happens that I postpone work stuff to meet a Phd deadline, but the other way around it a frequent enough occurrence.  Inevitable, but true.

The way I am trying to manage it at the moment, is that I ring fence my Thursday and Friday mornings as much as I possible can, and then every quarter or so I want to take a week off work and do some writing.

April is makeup month.  The only trick is to find a week clear of work commitments!