Is english your first language?

I submitted a draft essay last week, felt reasonably happy with it, a sense of satisfaction which was short lived.  Within moments of opening the (very constructive and thoughtful feedback) realised how way off the mark I had been.  Missed the point in a number of basic ways.  That did not feel at all nice.

Remarked to Charles that this is tough, had not expected to feel so wobbly about stuff like this.

"Anna, do you not remember what you were like in college, you always got upset about this kind of feedback!"
"Do you mean I got negative feedback?" Clearly I only remember the good stuff!
"Of course, do you not remember the time one of your lecturers asked you if English was your first language?"
Oh. Yeah.
"That does ring a bell all right, now that you say it"

Anyway, rewrote the assignment, hopefully it is better this time.

I am grateful for constructive feedback and husbands with long memories.


"Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters" - Rosa Luxemberg
Is a dissenter a dissenter if they are funded by government?